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A long time ago like 4-5 years back Harkuchh.com was a quite popular blog among new bloggers who were struggling to get few hits to their blog and obviously make some dollars out of their hard work. And I’m really glad that some of those new bloggers are well-known names in today’s blogosphere. I don’t wanna take any particular name right here because I really don’t want to see them getting offended. Harkuchh was like a brand back then. A small one, but definitely a brand. Many people from all across the country and beyond the borders were following it for basic Blogging knowledge.

Undoubtedly, it will be tough to believe on such talks now after seeing its rank and ranking but during its peak time (2012-13) Harkuchh was getting 20K+ daily organic hits and the best world rank it achieved was maybe under 40K and below 3K for India, yeah I’m talking about Alexa rank.

So Why Did Harkuchh Gone Away?

Every blogger (especially Indian) has some common features inbuilt in them. We’re always in search and in the mode of doing something new, something different, something big and something that nobody is doing. In short, We’re always in experimental mode and We’re always loaded with more ideas than We have time for. And if it comes to making some quick $$ then we’re always ready to do anything.

And love to more money was the exact reason. Actually, even after getting 20K+ hits I wasn’t making big enough as compared to other fellow and comparatively popular bloggers like Amir Nasir, Ankur Rautela, and some others. I seriously did not want to take any name but I don’t mind naming these two guys because they were the main reason I started thinking, that I’m not making enough.

Amir Nasir was the poster boy of the Indian blogging industry at that time because of an article published in a national newspaper about him and his earnings. He inspired many newbies to carry on.

Ankur Rautela was another fellow blogger who shared a screenshot on Facebook on first of Jan 2013. Generally, I’m a very calm kind of person but after seeing that image I stood up pushing my chair back in anger, lifted up the keyword and started hitting it hard (literally) on my room’s wall shouting – What the fuck! What the fuck!! What the fuuuck!!!

Yeah, I really did that. I tore up the keyboard in pieces! I was being a nut seriously.

What was in that screenshot? It was a massive Google Adsense Earning report. And in that image, one-day earning figure was like more than my monthly earning! And it blew up my mind.

Immediately after that, Mr. Rautela announced a training session in Dehradun via a facebook post. I commented – “I’m Coming” because I really wanted to meet him. Then few fellow bloggers from my city who knew me because of Harkuchh contacted me about going there and We had a Dehradun trip. There I learned many new things and I also figured out that, that massive Earning was made on the event of New Year and that is called – Event Blogging. I came back to my city and started doing it differently and surely I was making remarkable progress.

After few days or maybe a month, those fellow bloggers from my city asked me to meet and shared an idea of starting a Web Hosting company together and cash out the fame of Harkuchh. They represented me a napkin paperback strategy of making the huge profit and I genuinely felt it was a good idea so I instantly got ready to do that. As soon as we started, our Hosting business started getting a terrific response. We were making decent sales since day one and not to mention, most, I really mean most sales were coming just because of Harkuchh.Everything seemed working nice and

Everything seemed working nice and then our bull eye focus was to make sales. More and more sales! So Me and everybody else in Team totally stopped working on personal blogs and so Harkuchh too wasn’t getting new posts published.

Time flies away, so it did. And because new information wasn’t getting published so its popularity, ranking, rank and followers were almost gone away. Till then Cow named Harkuchh was all milked, and then started shitty things happening. In the end, Talks happened, the action got taken and somehow I had to leave that Web Hosting Startup company which I was thinking is ours.

My Blogging Valley

Till then I had few other blogs and many other niches to work on, so I started my own independent office named, Harkuchh – The Blogging Valley with my childhood friends in partnership. We dominated the movies niche up to a very fucking deep level. Again, It’s hard to believe but there was a time when our movies blog alone were making $3000+ on infolinks monthly, if you have ever worked with this network you already got an idea about what massive traffic we were getting. And Adsense earning was much higher.

My Biggest Mistake So Far

I was still in college and my office was running good, even after going through some Adsense troubles I was making money. So I didn’t care much about doing long term stuff and so the era of ignorance for Harkuchh was still there.

Now, Harkuchh’s popularity was almost gone away but frankly speaking I was not aware of that. So I don’t know exactly why but I decided to delete all old data and learn and teach Programming (Coding) to Harkuchh’s followers, maybe I did that because I thought, knowing some basic coding stuff can be helpful. And so I deleted everything from cPanel. And started planning new ideas to implement.

And that was probably the biggest mistake of my life!

Since then I worked on so many things and did almost everything a Blogger does. For instance, I created many niche sites, I did event blogging, I created hundreds of spammy images blogs, I created YouTube videos and tried hands with CPA and Affiliate marketing. Even though most of the work I did was crap, I was making filthy money with those craps so I was happy.

Current Situation

Now, as years has been passed and situations have changed a lot. I’m playing fine in the world of Internet Marketing. Currently (Feb ‘17) I’m busy working on our E-commerce portal(s) and we’re doing really, really good. We’re working on many projects and many things are in process. That’s all I can say about the current situation.

So Why Would Someone Follow Harkuchh?

Good question. And the answer is; I see many people, friends, fellow bloggers, newbies and future stars struggling! I deeply feel most people in the business need some real & practical advice, right guidance and may be some other help at some point. They are kind of stuck or lost somewhere for no reason. This happens to almost everybody. Even if they are doing good, they are unknown to so many valuable things and opportunities which can help them to juice out their traffic more. And that’s exactly where Harkuchh gonna help them in the mission.

Being a Blogger and Internet marketer I’ve personally experienced most of those situations and so I sincerely feel that I can help them at least at some point throughout their journey. I genuinely believe in this – “You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.

For example

A friend’s blog was ranking well on numerous iPhone keywords and he was making maybe $15-20 a day through Google Adsense. I asked him- “Why don’t you try something else?”. “Something else like what?” He asked me. I told him – Remove these ads as Ads are the worst method to monetize a blog and he was like – `Fuck you`! No, he was not an ass, he was just being real because till date Adsense was the only way he knew about making money online, He really had no idea about other ways. I somehow convinced him for a try and added 3 extra lines and placed a CPA offer at the bottom which was offering an iPhone 5S for free for a survey and Guess what? His earning was like 2-3x overnight.

That’s the point. Surprisingly most people, I repeat, most people aren’t aware of what they have and what they can do with what they have.

So I gonna present similar kind of interesting and valuable stuff in front of them via blog posts and Case-studies in absolutely plain English. I will try to teach people (who need it, obviously) everything from how to start blogging to whatever I know or they need/want to know.

Aren’t Many Other Sites Doing the Same Thing?

Yeah, No doubt you will find hundreds thousands of sites with Blogging Tips and Internet marketing tutorials, many of them are excellent too. But Harkuchh is different. How?

Umm.. I have no convinceable answer for this how as off now. It’s like the situation when you know what you want to say but you don’t know how to say it. All I can say is this, You’ll know it very soon after going through its content, just wait for a while. Please!

I’ve become an Internet marketer from a Blogger and I have an insatiable interest in how the blogging and Internet Marketing works, so I research, observe and read about it a lot. Like a lot a lot. And I love to share valuable info with others as I sincerely believe in Karma.

The Best Part

Everything above was like an introduction, here comes the best part. Along with Real informative blog posts and Case Studies, there will be another thing, which according to me will be actually the most important thing. I can’t keep it more so here I’m gonna tell you about that!

And that is, Interviews of those whom you (should) admire so much, people who are doing it really really good and every common blogger and Internet Marketer must listen to them and learn from their advice because they are good, too good in whatever they are doing.

See, if you’re traveling towards the same city of Success, if you want it so bad and you are willing to be a Successful Entrepreneur than their bits of advice can help you grow much faster.

Note: I’m not gonna conduct interviews of very top level Bloggers, Marketers or affiliates like John Chow, Charles Ngo, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Pat Flynn or Amit Aggarwal. Maybe I will be covering these big guys sometime later but not initially because these are very big and famous names and the thing is, their level and their suggestions will be like going through an MBA course for students of the Primary school.So I wanna present Suggestions of Intermediate students to the students of primary classes, that’s where I think they can connect more logically.

So I would more like to present Suggestions of Intermediate students to the students of primary classes, that’s where I think they can connect more logically. I mean, it would be better to follow the Tips & advice of influencers whom we can relate to directly. It’s always nice and easy to follow directions of those whom we can follow, see and may be talk to.

So initially, I thought of interviewing these people. I hope you would love to follow!

This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly. More names and Interviews will be updated shortly! Please tell me any name who you would like to get some knowledge from.

Note: I’m in the process to getting connected to mentioned guys, some are ready and some are yet to be asked. I don’t know how many of them will accept my request and who will refuse to even talk. But one thing that I can surely promise to all is, I will try my best.

Thanks for reading

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