Harkuchh a Library? How?

How Harkuchh is a library?

I knew it! I knew someone gonna ask this. Seriously I was expecting this question sooner or later because this is an obvious one and see here you’re with it. But I’m actually glad you asked – Why I’m calling Harkuchh a Library, not a blog?

Here is the answer…

The thing is, plenty of insane valuable information is available out there on the Internet on different Forums, Wiki pages, social handles, websites and blogs. Those knowledge and information are literally powerful enough to turn anyone’s life in totally new and better direction. Obviously, if gets implemented the right way.

But a large, I repeat a large no. of people aren’t aware of them! Even though they badly need to go through those stuff they are very far from them, because of many known and unknown reasons. But the most common is, sometimes it takes skills to acknowledge the real valuable knowledge.

You understand this better than I said, right? Yes, Of course, you do. It just makes sense.

And so I decided to collect (at least try) those great worthy undiscovered & tough to reach content placed here and there at one place, right here at Harkuchh and that’s the reason I’m calling Harkuchh a library. It will grow the same way a real library does. I promise!

So this means I’m gonna copy other’s articles?

Well, not really! No doubt I will be creating adequate content by myself out of all knowledge, capability, help from the proven mentors and research at the first place but yes I will be collecting as much information as I can here at Harkuchh from any source which can help Bloggers, Internet Marketers or Entrepreneurs in any way.

I can write 1000s word long article to explain my motto but I think you already got the answer so I’m stopping here.

Now please tell me…. What you think? How’s the idea? if you’ve got anything to share, suggest or say, I would love to hear you. I’m really positive that you definitely have some awesome suggestion(s) to make this a better place. As I really really want to make this place best ever for Bloggers, Marketers as well as Entrepreneurs, I need your help and wishes. I can’t do this without your help and support so please share your words of wisdom. Kindly use the comment box or the Contact page.

Thank you 🙂